Setting a New Standard in Flatbed Plotter Design

Alpha Merics has been manufacturing high accuracy, economically priced large-format plotters for a variety of commercial and military applications since 1989. Today's Customline Plotter Series reflects this leadership, offering flatbed plotters capable of drawing on a variety of media up to 66 by 120 inches in size and up to 3/4 inches thick.

Designed to meet precision engineering and drafting requirements, Customline plotters are being used in such special applications as Folding Carton, Corrugated, Steel Rule Die, Furniture, Signage , Mapping and many other applications requiring precision large format plots.

Customline plotters are even riding the waves as shipboard navigation plotters for Navy Mine Hunters.

Plot Any Size, many materials

Features: Customline Plotters can render drawing up to 66 by 120 inches. They can plot on any type of material from tissue paper to steel, including mylar, wood, glass, cardboard, vinyl, or any other material up to 3/4" thick. If you can lay it flat and mark it, Customline will plot on it.

Benefits: Flexibility. Drawing capacity. The accruacy to meet your application requirements. At a price you can afford.

Compatible With Your Existing Computer Systems

Features: All Customline Tables are compatible with Hewlett Packard's Graphic Language (HPGL) and will interface with popular design packages such as Ashlar Score, Vellum, Designer Workbench, IPDS, AutoCad or any other software that will output the HPGL format. The data interface is a standard RS232 serial port.

Which means exact large-scale samples and drawings from all popular CAD, graphics, and industry specific software programs. Whether you're running them from a Macintosh, PC or UNIX workstation. As an example, simply selecting one of the standard Hewlett Packard 75XX series drivers in a Microsoft Windows environment will allow you to use a Customline table to plot almost anything including a Word document.

Benefits: Complete compatibility with all major hardware and software systems and maximum flexibility for the future including full network support as a shared peripheral.

Full Range Of Pens And Colors

Features: All Alpha Merics' plotters feature automatic pen selection for up to six colors and accommodate any HP-style plotter pen. These include fiber tip, roller ball, technical plotter point, ceramic tip and pressurized ball point. HP plotter pens are readily available at drafting supply and computer stores everywhere.

Benefits: No limitations on drawing style, color or texture. The widest possible range of pen and media choices.

High Accuracy and Reliability

Features: Designed and manufactured in America, all Customline Tables use the latest in electronic and mechanical technology. This results in fewer components, modular design, higher reliability, lower cost and world- class accuracy. . Best of all, Alpha Merics backs this performance with installation, training, the best technical service and responsiveness in the industry (according to a 1995 survey) and a full 12-month warranty.

Benefits: Rock-solid reliability. American made. The Customline is an affordable tool to meet your most demanding requirements. And Alpha Merics' will keep you in production, year after year. Our customers are still getting constant, reliable production from tables we shipped over seven years ago.

Customline Plotter Features


Plotter Model           3648-P     4866-P     4896-P     6696-P     66120-P

Physical Dimensions Maximum Plot Area 36"x48" 48"x66" 48"x96" 66"x96" 66"x120" Maximum Material Size 50"x56" 60"x74" 60"x104" 72"x104" 72"x130" Floor Space 56"x68" 68"x86" 68"x116" 86"x116" 86"x144" (The third Floor Space dimension is 38" for all models.) Weight 350 Lbs 440 Lbs 550 Lbs 670 Lbs 800 Lbs Vacuum Unit 1/3 HP 1/3 HP 1/3 HP 1/3 HP 1/3 HP Vacuum Power 115 VAC 115 VAC 115 VAC 115 VAC 115 VAC Power Requirements Voltage Standard 115 Volt @ 50-60 HZ Voltage Optional 230 Volt @ 50-60 HZ Power at Idle - Minimum 150 Watts Power - Maximum 1200 Watts Performance Drive System Closed Loop DC Servo Pen Cycle (Up/Down) 100 MS Media Thickness 0.001" To 0.75" Accuracy +/- 0.005" or 0.025% of Line Addressable Resolution 0.000984" Motor Resolution 0.000246" Repeatability 0.002" (one pen) Tool Head Pen Plotting Plot Speed 14 IPS Slew Speed 20 IPS Pen Style HP 75XX Plotter Pens Number of Pens Six Auto Select Interface Graphics Language HPGL Data Format ASCII Text Interface RS232C Serial Operator Controls 16 Position LED Keypad Compatibility Software All Popular CAD and Graphics Software Hardware PC, MAC and UNIX workstations

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