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Welcome to The Ami Havurah's web site!

The Ami Havurah was formed in the Spring of 1998 in the Western San Fernando Valley (North of Los Angeles)  in an effort to

* retain close friendships fostered during the many years of Temple Beth Ami's existence (which subsequently merged with a neighboring synagogue to form a third synagogue) ,

* and to help sustain the work of Rabbi David Vorspan.

Rabbi Vorspan, a Conservative rabbi and past president of the Western State's region of the Rabbinical Assembly, emphasizes joy and tempo in his religious services.  He created a unique Saturday morning service that promoted a strong sense of communal prayer, of continuous engagement in liturgy and study of torah, and of celebration!

Accompanying the service on his guitar, Rabbi Vorspan, an accomplished musician and singer, has been conducting these special "Contemporary" Services for more than a decade to enthusiastic response.  They are held from 10:15 - 11:30 on Saturday mornings at least twice a month.

During the other Shabbatot, Rabbi Vorspan leads a guitar-accompanied Friday evening Shabbat service, again encouraging participation and friendships.

The Ami Havurah has developed its own Friday night and Saturday morning prayerbooks.  Conducted almost entirely in Hebrew, these prayerbooks have all of the singing portions of the liturgy transliterated.

The complete text of the Saturday morning Contemporary service may be downloaded from this web site

In addition, Rabbi Vorspan has created a special audio-cassette with all of the liturgy included to help participants learn the melodies at their leisure, free to the community and available after services.

In addition to the Shabbat services, Rabbi Vorspan conducts a weekly Torah study program, helps guide the active lay leadership in other projects and activities throughout the year, and leads High Holyday Services in the comfort and splendor of the Kol Tikvah sanctuary (20400 Ventura Blvd., Woodland Hills).

The Ami Havurah provides a complete schedule of programs, activities and services. A schedule is available at this web site.

You may contact Rabbi Vorspan directly through his e-mail:, or by calling the Ami Havurah office at (818) 348-2926.

We of the Ami Havurah would love to meet you and invite your participation. In addition, membership dues are reasonable for those interested in advancing the goals of the Ami Havurah. 

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