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Ada Reverse Engr.
Ada Reverse Engr. Reverse Anything Multi-User Year 2000 notice



Ada Reverse Engineering for Rational APEX

Reverse engineer Ada code into UML diagrams.

Mark V Systems announces it’s new Ada Reverse Engineering tool, the first customizable reverse engineering tool for Ada, now produces UML diagrams, and also the first to use the ASIS interfaces.

Key features of ObjectMaker Ada Reverse Engineering:

Identifies objects, associations, calls, and dependencies
Customizable description for identifying objects for Ada code
Customizable drawing notations
Uses ASIS interface to APEX
Code semantics are stored in a database using a UML-schema and can be used to produce documentation.
$5,995 price includes installation, training, and setup

ObjectMaker Ada Reverse Engineering is implemented using the ObjectMaker Tool Development Kit (TDK). The ObjectMaker TDK is available for $1995.

ObjectMaker supports 27 popular diagramming methods including Buhr 84, Buhr 90, Booch, Colbert, OPEN OML, and UML. ObjectMaker costs $995 per seat (one seat included with the purchase of ObjectMaker Ada Reverse Engineering or ObjectMaker TDK).

Mark V Systems designs, develops and markets advanced software products for the process, workflow, enterprise modeling, business process re-engineering and software engineering markets. Products are marketed directly in North America and worldwide through a distributor network.

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